Entrepreneurship is a broad concept. Moreover it is crucial for lifelong learning and improvement of individual employability.

What keeps us busy?

Based on the “The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework”, developed by the European Commission, the EntreComp Expertise Center has developed a unique, nevertheless universal and useful cross cultural tool. With this tool, longitudinal competence development can be followed and stimulated actively and consistently.

In the past years, this has been applied within multiple higher education programs, with in the meantime more than 1.000 users.

A measurable competence development methodology

The European Union has translated the concept of “entrepreneurship” into a model, with which it is possible to speak about entrepreneurship in a universal way: the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, or EntreComp. This model is divided into three major components: “Ideas & Opportunities”, “Resources” en “Into Action”.

Based on EntreComp, the EntreComp Expertise Centre has developed a methodology and corresponding tool. This allows the competency elements in the area of knowledge, attitude and skills to be measured. The results are the starting point for the further development of the underlying competencies and the associated indicators.

Entrepreneurship made transparent and understandable

By making use of the EntreComp model through the application of the EntreComp Expertise Centre, it becomes possible to keep track of a development process structurally. This is also known as the “lifelong learning process”. The quality of this process is guaranteed by professional coaching and training programs, as well as self-coaching and e-learning facilities.

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